Warming Up: Cooling Down - Digital Download

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A collection of simple, and not-so-simple activities to keep the body working. Before any physical activity there should be a warm up, and afterwards a cool down.

The A4 pages may be printed onto A3 paper and used as a wall or clothesline display. It should be noted that a warm up is a gentle activity to prepare for more intense exercise, Children should be made aware of the sets of muscles they are exercising, and what those muscles do, ‘Life. Be in it.’ Huff n’ Puff circuits provide an excellent way for involvement in regular, daily exercise.

The PINK level has been designed for pre-schoolers and for those beginning school. Adults are required to read any written messages and show the child what to do. For more information about our "Rainbow" approach, click here.


  • Simple but effective physical exercises
  • Easy explanations and diagrams
  • Use before and after other games and activities.

Warming Up: Cooling Down - Digital Download