Jokes and Riddles - Digital Download

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All learning does not need to be structured, with the free choice of activities extremely important. These activities inject fun and enjoyment to help relax and reduce the pressures of everyday living.

‘Riddle-me-re’ activities revise the spellings of words and develop further proof reading skills. Word searchers that appear to be easy, may not be as easy as they first appear. Snippets of factual information that could promote further interests, are scattered  throughout the collection.

The ORANGE level has been designed for children who are starting to consolidate their skills. They will asks adults and others for assistance when they require it. Always stay positive. For more information about our "Rainbow" approach, click here.


  • A highly-visual collection of letter/word puzzles
  • Grid and Zig-Zag codes
  • Thought-provoking facts about birds and animals

Jokes and Riddles - Digital Download