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The FREE 4U collection of 60 activities is part of our team’s contribution to address the worrisome disruptions to family life and the substantial community isolation necessary for the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. What our future holds is still virtually unknown but Scott Morrison, our Prime Minister, has already told us ‘whatever we do, we have got to do it for at least 6 months.’

There is no time to delay.

Recent neuroscience research has provided us with leading-edge ‘brain development’ information –giving us the reasons why some learning processes and techniques have worked well, and why others have not. The FREE 4U collection and Active Learning resources packages are built around these findings.

 It may, or may not, surprise you that just as every human fingerprint is not the same, every human tongue print is different, and every human brain is also unique.  Of course we already know, just by looking around, that all of us are different in so many ways. 

What is also becoming clear is that a group of children at the beginning of primary school may easily have collective experiences and abilities extending over a range of five to six years. 

It is for these reasons, and more, that we have created and assembled a wide and diverse range of resources that help to address the interests and capabilities of many individuals and groups. 

Active Learning resources have been arranged through the colours of the rainbow – beginning with pink and moving through to violet with the inside colours offering the, usually-easier, activity. 

Our resources are gently-graded, user-friendly, often self-corrective, have a minimum of instructions, present a wide variety of styles, are highly-motivational and encourage group interactions. We have also included ‘deliberate mistakes’ to help develop proof reading skills. 

They address all curriculum areas – some more than others -  encourage reflection, the re-visiting of ‘old favourites’, and planned revision activities.  An activity may suddenly reappear in a different collection and may generate a different result. 

An important aspect of the Active Learning resources is that today’s students will inherit a complex and rapidly-changing world – a world in which they will be required to evaluate and absorb new ideas, examine and interpret information, apply and expand knowledge, and solve new and unconventional problems. 

To be successful, and deal with the information explosion of the twenty-first century, students and job-seekers will need to develop a range of critical thinking abilities. 

These include:

  • investigating and solving problems
  • developing products or services that are valued in/by a particular culture
  • being flexible, creative and original
  • revising and reflecting
  • locating an appropriate route to a goal
  • capturing and transmitting knowledge
  • expressing views and feelings appropriately 

To become successful in the currently-unknown world of the future students and job-seekers will have to use a combination of two or more of the seven multiple intelligences identified by Dr. Howard Gardner.

These are:

  • verbal / linguistic
  • logical / mathematical
  • visual / spatial
  • bodily / kinesthetic
  • musical / rhythmic
  • interpersonal / the ability to work co-operatively in a group
  • intrapersonal / self-identity

 Active Learning resources, for the reasons outlined, have not been broken up into traditional subjects such as Mathematics and Science, but follow a more holistic approach to the discovery and application of knowledge through ‘life-long learning’. 

Our packages include some sheets that present one or two activities, and other sheets that contain more. After downloading your FREE 4U package we suggest that you then:

  • use A4 paper of at least 80 gsm.
  • use a colour printer
  • print on one side of the paper only
  • arrange and store pages in plastic sleeves in an A4 folder

Free Download - Our Free 4U Collection