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Developing handwriting mechanics, holding a pencil, and further developing hand-eye co-ordination. Opportunities to plan ahead for the drawing of lines on paper.               

The A4 pages may be printed onto A3 paper and, when finished, used as a wall or clothesline display. Discussing and acknowledging the importance of thoroughly reading instructions before commencement. Jigsaw puzzles can be assembled as a parallel activity. Story-telling and reading about similar animals from picture books is a popular choice for literacy activities.

The PINK level has been designed for pre-schoolers and for those beginning school. Adults are required to read any written messages and show the child what to do. For more information about our "Rainbow" approach, click here.


  • Line drawing to finish, or be added to.
  • Develops creativity, imagination and motor skills.
  • Encourages family or group discussion.

Finish The Pictures - Digital Download