Finger Plays & Action Songs - Digital Download

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The primary purpose of these activities is to understand simple instructions and perform actions. The activities address well-known, traditional songs – as well as introduce some newer ones.

Children can substitute their own words and suggest other actions to suit. Discussions should be held to focus on particular questions ( e.g. brushing teeth) Art work could include the making of finger puppets and the performance of finger plays. Opportunities can be generated for the welcoming of new families, and sharing their traditional skills within the school community.

The PINK level has been designed for pre-schoolers and for those beginning school. Adults are required to read any written messages and show the child what to do. For more information about our "Rainbow" approach, click here.


  • A time-proven collection of finger plays to enjoy.
  • Traditional action songs also promote brain development,

Finger Plays & Action Songs - Digital Download