Colouring Conversations - Digital Download

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Discoveries and discussions about letter combinations and the words in which they appear. Thoughtful discussions and writing to record each child’s interests require special attention.

Handwriting mechanics are strengthened by using the correct pencil grip when colouring within lines. Comparisons of animals may be made while developing Boehm Basic Concepts. Children mime or act our scenarios e.g. a goldfish in a bowl; an angry gorilla. Story-telling and reading about animals from picture books is a popular choice for literacy activities.

The RED level has been designed for children commencing primary school. Adults are required to help with reading messages and to encourage and celebrate children’s responses. For more information about our "Rainbow" approach, click here.


  • Pictures to colour and discuss
  • Children follow instructions to add to the pictures.
  • Additional questions further extend understandings.

Colouring Conversations - Digital Download