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The primary purpose of these activities is to add, subtract and multiply within a number limit of 20. The colouring to, and within, lines help to develop fine motor hand-eye co-ordination.

The A4 pages may be photocopied onto A3 paper and used as a wall or clothesline display. Discussions and conversations should be held to focus on questions posed. Traditional games played in other countries are popular e.g. Nim from China. Video chats about people from media clips is a popular choice for diversity-based activities.

The PINK level has been designed for pre-schoolers and for those beginning school. Adults are required to read any written messages and show the child what to do. For more information about our "Rainbow" approach, click here.

  • Colour-by-Counting and Colour-by- Number exercises
  • Number range mainly within 1 to 10
  • Self corrective number skills development.

Colour In - Digital Download