The Active Learning program has been trialed and developed over many years in selected classrooms and other locations, with our team comparing and cross referencing the curriculum offerings of more than 50 countries and 200 educational programs. Our user-friendly, sequentially-arranged, individual interests approach used a ‘colours of the rainbow’ approach rather than traditional ‘age, grade or year level’ arrangements.

The colour-coding followed the highly-successful ground-breaking approach to reading by Angela Ridsdale - a world-first initiative that empowered and encouraged primary school students to take control of their own reading development. Robert Palmer incorporated and further developed a colour-coded approach in his ground-breaking ‘Sequential Development of Mathematics’ and ‘Sequential Development of Language’ charts and supporting materials.

Our activity collections are packaged as unbound A4 sheets to allow students, teachers and parents to:

• select and arrange the sheets in accordance with their personal interests

and requirements

• apply, develop and revise basic skills in novel and interesting ways

• work individually or in self-organised groups

• return, re-visit and re-evaluate previous findings and experiences.

We have quietly observed students empowered by our packages selecting sheets from different levels . One example is that the Junior Secondary School Green level ‘Endangered Animals’ collection has generated much interest and activity at Middle Primary School and Senior Primary School levels. We have also incorporated ‘animal and bird’ identifications into our collections, because we have found that learners also use more than colours to identify their needs. The use of animals and bird images also prevents racist, sexist or age-related issues that sometimes generate negative comment.


After downloading any of our Activity Collections we suggest that you then:

• use A4 paper of at least 80 gsm.

• use a colour printer

• print on one side of the paper only

• store each sheet as a master sheet in a plastic sleeve in an A4 folder

• access each master sheet to print copies for your personal use.