"‘Life. Be in it.’ has a long and successful history of working with families to provide healthy lifestyle programs. Faced with hours of home based isolation, children and families will need access to well designed enjoyable, educational and entertaining resources.

Every family that has to spend more time than usual with their children - while we are all hoping for restoration of freedom to move outside home base - can visit Active Learning Resources to consider and choose from an exciting collection of proven learning materials.

Active Learning Resources provides parents, children, other family members and teachers with internationally-recognised resources created by Australian author and educator, Robert Palmer, Executive Director of the ‘Life. Be in it.™ licensed organisation –The Education Professionals’.

Faced with extended time at home, adults interested in making the most of the opportunity to engage in personal self-study can explore a range of online home-care courses and career planning guidelines.

Family members and friends who are interested in more formal, quality training programs - that tackle everything from Early Childhood Care to Home-based Care and Life Games Leader accreditations - can also be supported. These are not ‘off-the-shelf’ or ‘one size fits all’ programs, but are individually designed to suit the needs and wishes of individual learners.

A short, confidential, personal survey supervised by ‘Life. Be in it.’ Services will need to be submitted. This survey has already been completed by thousands of family members interested in getting a head start in the sorts of careers and courses that can be approached from
home based studies.

The survey and further details are available on request from www.lifebeinitservices.com.au"

Dr. Colin Benjamin OAM FAICD MAASW
Director General ‘Life. Be in it.’ Australia Ltd.