The Education Professionals was established in 1999 to provide an innovative model for education and training, providing services and products to support students, parents, teachers, business people and communities at a variety of levels, and with a wide range of interests and aspirations. Research on creativity has long espoused that innovation rarely occurs in a vacuum so the The Education Professionals practice is to invite the rest of the world to come and share what our team is doing.

At The Education Professionals we have created a flexible environment that welcomes ideas, tolerates risk, celebrates success, and maximizes idea generation through a combination of stimulation, tension and security. The Education Professionals management has begun to develop ‘win-win-win’ opportunities with like-minded associates. individuals and organisations.



 Our unique advantage lies in its ability to provide a turnkey model of education, training and placement business.  More specifically, our unique advantage is a combination of the following attributes: 

  • Proprietary contents (our IP) are of currency, relevancy and trust-worthy
  • Customer-focused: customers being students, employers, Australian and foreign governments and ultimately, society.
  • Parent support
  • User-friendly contents
  • International contacts
  • Intimate knowledge of education market
  • An operating knowledge of new education models
  • Have products and services ready for launch
  • Holistic approached by means of unique pathways, hence providing a 'one-stop-shop'
  • Blended learning and cohort learning catering for individuals or groups
  • Key strategic partnerships is secured and ready for launch

Important complementary services for local and overseas students are provided by our partner organisations. These services range from recruitment, courses consultation, accommodation, career counseling and student welfare, etc.  Our local and international networks and strategic alliances enable effective links to be established.