Robert is one of Australia's most successful and popular educational authors, and has written in excess of 400 titles ranging from pre-school to higher education and adult media. This includes the E-Team and Global Eco-Learning System, which was recognized and supported by the United Nations.

Robert's works have been featured and published by Ashton Scholastic, Thomas Nelson Pty. Ltd, Collins Dove, Martin Educational, MacMillan, Blue Wren Enterprises, and a variety of  media publications.

Robert wrote the top-selling Springboards : Ideas for Mathematics for Thomas Nelson in 1979, and created and delivered with great success the first resources for the Australian Curriculum Development Centre – Fun Ones – in 1981.  

He was later the originator of the concept and the developer of Winning the Future, The Safe, Smart and Successful Initiative, Global Eco-Learning and The E-Team. He spent ten years completing the Global Eco-Learning System to the point where the United Nations Environment Programme recognised the initiative and gave it their approval. 

Robert was a keen supporter of ‘Life. Be in it.’ during this time, and was a regular contributor and columnist to News Limited, the Leader Group, regional newspapers , national magazines and other publications.  

An extra-ordinary number of the students, who built up their personal collections of Robert’s activity sheets and worked through them, were later selected for a wide range of community awards and scholarships at private schools.  

Robert was awarded the Australian Council for Private Education and Training “Outstanding Teaching Initiative” 1999 for his development of multimedia courses and student/teacher materials.  

Robert has also had a strong media – paper-based, radio and television – presence, and has used these relationships to publicise and address the less-than-satisfactory experiences of International students and workers in Australia.

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